Richard Taunton Students Scrub Up for the Operating Room

Richard Taunton A Level biologists scrubbed up and headed to the operating room this week when they took part in Operating Theatre Live.

Students spent the day getting hand-ons experience by brushing up on their bedside manner, dissecting real specimens and learning about the anatomy of the human body.

The college also extended the opportunity to science students from schools across Southampton, including Bitterne Park, Cantell, St George, Oasis Academy Lord’s Hill, Woodlands and Wildern to take part in the exciting experience.

The event transformed the college’s main hall into an operating theatre for the entire day, giving students the chance to advance their academic and practical skills. Students not only learnt about advanced human anatomy- which included the handling and dissection of real specimens, including a full thorax – the trachea, heart, lungs, and diaphragm- but also challenged students’ communication skills and their bedside manner, with a focus on patient care and diagnosis.

With six dedicated ‘clinics’ throughout the day, students gained in depth understanding of the human body. Covering everything from infection control and the calculation of anaesthetic doses, through to preparing patients for surgery and the delicate dissection of the brain and spinal cord. Students took away a wealth of advanced knowledge to apply to their ongoing studies, and their possible future careers.

“A Great Opportunity”

Biology student Tegan Longcroft, formerly from Noadswood School, spoke about the day:

I loved Operating Theatre Live! As someone seeking to pursue a career in veterinary medicine, I found the opportunity to complete complex dissections very beneficial. The experience has helped prove that I am not squeamish, which has made me confident in my goal of becoming a veterinary surgeon, and it was very educational to have the opportunity to learn hands on about different organs. Thank you to the college for such a great opportunity, I really enjoyed all the dissections!

Alex Johnston, Head of Science and Care at the college said:

“We are delighted to be able to provide such an invaluable experience for our students, and for those from our local schools. For students who aspire to develop a career in a healthcare profession- particularly medicine, veterinary science and midwifery – Operating Theatre Live provides not only the hands-on practical skills, but also highlights the importance of good communication and compassion that these highly competitive fields require.

For many of the students, it was the first time they had been able to put their knowledge into practice- and though definitely not for the squeamish – the day was a fantastic opportunity for students to find out whether the healthcare profession really is for them.”

Richard Taunton Sixth Form College offers various courses that could lead to a career in the healthcare professions. Take a look at our Biology and Chemistry A Levels or our vocational Health and Social Care courses to discover the best route for you.