Lighthouse Learning Trust Governance

On 1 November 2017 we were granted academy status by the Secretary of State for Education and formed a multi-academy trust, known as the Lighthouse Learning Trust, in partnership with St Vincent College in Gosport.

The Lighthouse Learning Trust is strongly committed to achieving excellence in its governance and our Trustees have made this an explicit objective and responsibility of the Trust Board. To find out more about our approach, our structure and our members and trustees please follow the links below:

Our approach to governance

Our structure

Members & trustees

Local Governing Body

This is a sub-committee of the Trust board, which operates within the context of a written scheme of delegation. It supports and strengthens the leadership of our academy by holding our Head of College to account for the performance of students and staff, through challenge and the scrutiny of quality. It upholds and champions the Trust’s values and founding principles and is “the eyes and ears” of the Trust board. In addition, this body monitors the deployment of, and ensures adherence to, the Trust policies.

Members of our local governing body include:

Leanne Edwards (Chair) (13/12/21  – 12/02/24)

Gary Prewitt (14/06/22  – 13/06/26)

Ali Foss (01/11/21  – 31/10/25)

Liz Price (11/10/22  – 10/10/24)

Paul Need (25/03/23  – 24/03/27)

Emma Jackson (24/04/23  – 23/04/25)

Denyse Hanna  – Resigned 27th of February 2023



Meetings Attendance

Governor Appointments and Terms of Office

For full details about the appointment of governors and their terms of office please take a look at the Get Information About Schools entry for Richard Taunton College.


Further accounts for the trust, since 2017, are available on the Lighthouse Learning Trust website.