Richard Taunton Students Get To Grips with Olympic Weightlifting

12th February 2019

Richard Taunton students took part in an Olympic Weightlifting training session this week with Lizzie Havers, Olympic Weightlifter from Lakeside Weightlifting, when she came in to share her knowledge and skills with a group of sports students.

During the session, students were taught technical Olympic weightlifting techniques, such as the ‘Snatch’ and the ‘Clean & Jerk’, starting with plastic poles and then moving onto 10kg bars. For many of the participants, the session was a great introduction into weightlifting, with some having no experience of the sport previously.

Olympic Weightlifter, Lizzie commented on the aims of the session:

“We want to encourage more young people into the sport and provide an alternative to cardio and more. The idea of these introductory sessions is to promote what Olympic weightlifting is all about – but also to have fun!”

Tom Barge, Head of Sport at the college said:

“This has been such a great opportunity for some of our students to be introduced to a new sport, and to have the experience and knowledge of an Olympic weightlifter to put them through their paces- you can’t get better than that! The students have really enjoyed the session, and we hope to host more in the future”