Get More Out of College With Our Enrichment Programme

Your time at college can be so much more than just studying on the course you’ve chosen – there’s a huge number of experiences available that will make your time here even more memorable.

Our enrichment programme has a range of additional courses and activities that will brighten your week, get you thinking, and bring you into contact with people you’d never otherwise meet.

The subject range is vast – from Capella singing, boxing, or life drawing to learning sign language, first aid, or media.

The point is to add something extra to your programme of learning such as a new skill, developing an interest you’ve always wanted to take further or just having fun with like-minded people.

This extra learning doesn’t have to be heavy or add to the study you’ve already signed up to, it’s enjoyable, a bit of a refresh for your mind and a chance to flex your creative muscles.

Who knows, an hour a week of drama might just lead you somewhere you never expected to go, and an interest kindled here could develop into something even more fulfilling at university or in later life.

We’ve seen time and again how our enrichment classes help learners improve their skills and grow as a person.  

It also helps in progression to higher education, citizenship, and employment as well as making them a well-rounded individual.


Find out more about our enrichment programme here