Denis Desty Science Scholarships 2020

Although we have been called Richard Taunton Sixth Form College since 2012, many people still remember us as Taunton’s School.

Our college history has impacted the lives of many people in Southampton. One such example is the renowned chemist and chemical engineer Denis Henry Desty.

Denis began his journey into the world of science at Taunton’s School before studying Chemistry at the University of Southampton. In addition to being a prolific inventor, he was a pioneer in the fields of chromatography and combustion science. Denis won the Tswett medal for Chromatography twice (in 1974 and 1978), as well as the Royal Society of Chemistry Award for Combustion Chemistry in 1982.

Our hope is that Denis’ legacy will encourage young people to continue their studies in science. His gift helps the college to raise aspirations and inspire future scientists by offering exciting opportunities and learning experiences within the sciences.

You can learn more about the eligibility criteria and scholarship benefits by reading our application pack. The application deadline is 21 June 2021!