Richard Taunton Students Learn From Leading Music Educator

Krish Fish – Head of Special Projects at Tomorrow’s Warriors Limited – recently delivered a talk to Music students at Richard Taunton Sixth Form College.

Tomorrow’s Warriors is a leading music educator dedicated to increasing diversity across the arts through jazz. They have a successful track record of working with some of the most exciting and diverse jazz artists in the UK.

Caity Baser, formerly of Thornden School, said:

“The talk was really useful and I loved hearing about how to make it as an artist. There are no rules, but it was good to learn about Krish’s experiences. Getting the chance to hear from an industry expert will definitely help me with my course.”

Fish’s talk focused on arts administration and touched on topics such as legal matters, health and safety, risk assessing, and marketing. Furthermore, students were given examples of different projects and learned about the shifting nature of arts funding. Fish also highlighted the importance of contingency planning because even the best laid plans can be subject to change. Therefore, it is essential that arts administrators budget for unforeseen costs whilst also remaining flexible and level-headed in the face of changing plans.

Sam Adams, Music & Performing Arts teacher, said:

“This is essential knowledge for the Popular Music students in the department. Arts administration is part of their course and forms a unit of work. One of the things that Fish said was that funding is an art form; she highlighted that arts administration is actually a very creative role.”

Richard Taunton Sixth Form College offers Popular Music as a Vocational course. Students are taught all about music performance, the music business, music theory, and the evolution of popular music.