Students Host Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Event

2nd March 2017

On 2 March, we celebrated equality, diversity and inclusion at the college. Our Business and Marketing students used the skills and knowledge they’ve acquired from their courses to organise a day filled with exciting events, interesting activities and visits from local organisations.

Their intention was to raise awareness of other cultures, help us embrace our differences, and widen our knowledge and understanding of people from all walks of life.

Students and staff were able to explore life in different continents by tasting local dishes, watching cultural dances, viewing foreign fashion trends, and listening to indigenous music. Games, a raffle and henna tattoos also featured.

A number of organisations including the United Nations, Gideon Bibles, Lesbian and Gay Liaison Officers (LAGLOs), No Limits, and Solent NHS were on hand to talk to us about ways in which they support equality, diversity and inclusion in society.

Richard Taunton places great importance on equality and diversity amongst its student and staff bodies.  We want to ensure that we foster an inclusive environment where everyone is treated fairly and has equal access to learning opportunities, so they can reach their full potential.

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