Politics and History Students Discover the History of Trade Unions

17th October 2019


History, Politics and Humanities students got the opportunity to learn all the need to know about Trade Unions recently in a talk given by trade union, Unite.

As part of their current studies, students have been looking at the part that trade unions play in our society and across history and politics over the past 100 years and were able to find out about the history of trade unions, and workers rights and how collective action and disputes in the workplace are dealt with. They were also able to work on their debating skills by discussing current issues faced by workers in the past and today.

Chris Harrison, Teacher of History and Politics said:

I am glad that students had the opportunity to engage with Unite and learn about the important role that Trade unions play within society and as part of UK history. As part of our ongoing commitment to work-related learning, students had the chance to question the Unite visitors and share some personal experiences in work, preparing students for working life outside of college in addition to building their awareness of the history of trade unions.