It’s Official! We’re Now an Academy & Founding Member of a Multi-Academy Trust

1st November 2017

Exciting times lie ahead! Not only have we changed our status to an academy (which brings a host of benefits in itself) but we have also formed a new multi-academy trust known as the Lighthouse Learning Trust, in partnership with St Vincent College in Gosport.

This strategic move, which has been two years in the planning, was a conscious decision made by both academy leadership teams and governors to protect and enhance our quality of teaching and broad ranging curriculum offer.  Students at both academies, and indeed future students from our local communities, can benefit significantly from pooled resources, knowledge and expertise as well as added investment, made possible through joint economies of scale in areas such as purchasing, as well as the VAT exemption awarded to academies.

The Trust has overarching responsibility for the governance of both academies. Matt Atkinson, Principal of St Vincent College and former Deputy Principal of Richard Taunton, is the CEO of the Trust. Alice Wrighton, our Principal, is the Deputy CEO. They are now in the process of appointing a joint executive team and establishing a joint board of governors. Both Matt and Alice retain their roles as Principals at their respective academies and their students continue to study at their existing campus locations, with the same teachers. There are no plans to close or change the name of either academy; each will retain its distinct identity.

All decisions made, and actions taken, by members of the Trust will be underpinned by a series of mutually agreed principles: high quality teaching, optimum use of teaching and learning resources, inclusive and safe learning environments, accountability to our communities, operating with integrity and celebrating successes.

Our Principal, Alice Wrighton, says, “This is a very exciting time for us. Membership of the Trust will support increased levels of achievement, growth and innovation and also ensure that all young people in both communities have access to first class education, regardless of background or circumstances. Once fully established, the Trust will look to extend membership to similar local schools and colleges who operate in a way that aligns with our shared values. However, I’d like to be clear. We have no intention of forming a large national multi-academy trust chain. The sole purpose is to further enhance the quality of our offering to our local communities.”

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