Our Musicians Perform in ‘A Journey with the Giants of Jazz’ at Turner Sims

16th March 2017

This year a number of our A Level and BTEC Music students participated in Jazz Ticket. This project, the first of its kind, is produced by award-winning jazz development agency Tomorrow’s Warriors in association with Turner Sims and Southampton Music Hub. It gives young musicians the opportunity to work with leading jazz professionals to develop their performance and improvisation skills, and learn more about the history of jazz and some of its most memorable performers.

Our students took part in a number of Jazz Ticket workshops over the past few months where they were introduced to, and had the opportunity to try their hand at, music by jazz legend Buddy Rich!

The next part of their jazz journey saw them perform their own arrangement of a jazz classic, alongside ensembles from local schools, at a very special concert on 16 March at the Turner Sims in Southampton.

Using the advice and mentoring output from the music leaders from Tomorrow’s Warriors, they supported the headline act ‘The Nu Civilisation Orchestra’ who performed a new music commission from Turner Sims Southampton called ‘A Journey with the Giants of Jazz’. This is written by the award-winning pianist/composer, Peter Edwards, who conducted this contemporary jazz orchestra.

Music Teacher, Sam Adams, says, “Jazz Ticket paves the way for greater collaboration between important jazz artists and young musicians within the city, and plays a key role in enhancing jazz education and jazz awareness among the younger generation”.