Immigration Minister, Caroline Nokes, and Former Secretary of State, John Denham Join in Debates and Discussions with Students

3rd October 2018

Our students recently gave an enthusiastic welcome to current Immigration Minister, Caroline Nokes, and former Secretary of State, John Denham. Caroline hosted a lively debate on the emotive topic of whether to give 16 year olds the vote. This was followed by a question and answer session where she shared experiences from her own political career to encourage young people to participate in the political arena.

John’s presentation was equally animated as he talked with students about many current political issues, encouraging them to debate with him and share their own views. He is a powerful advocate for the young people’s role in Britain’s future and inspired students to be a force for social and political change.

Sociology student, Natasha Mogotwe, expressed her excitement about both events. She said, “Caroline and John’s personal experiences of working in parliament were absolutely fascinating! I can’t wait to put their advice and suggestions into practice in my studies and career plans!”