Employability Conference – Helping Students Define their Future

21st March 2017

Our student Employability Conference is yet another in a long line of career-related events that we offer to our students to equip them for life after college.

From 21-22 March our students, who are not heading to university, were given the chance to explore their career options, learn how to get onto the career ladder and acquire some new skills to prepare them for the working world.

We welcomed Barclays to the conference who hosted a series of LifeSkills workshops, which were run by volunteer employees who are passionate about helping young people make the transition from school to work. Topics included:

  • Knowing who you are
  • People skills
  • Tools and techniques for making yourself more employable
  • Skills for career progression
  • Career action planning
  • Finding employment and using your CV.

Organisations such as Blake Morgan, 3AAA, Bournemouth University, and the Army kindly agreed to attend the conference to conduct 1:1 mock interviews with our students.  This gave our students a fantastic opportunity to gain some real-life practice with, and valuable feedback from, industry professionals to prepare them for their future careers.

Students were also be introduced to, and given a tour of, the Unifrog portal. This is a one-stop-shop for apprenticeship opportunities in the UK as well as school leaver programmes, online courses and more.