We Danced into First Place at Southampton’s Rock Challenge Event!

17th February 2017

Our students wowed at the UK Rock Challenge competition and secured first place in the Southampton regional heats! The 75 strong team scooped 15 awards in total, an outstanding number, which included awards of excellence for choreography, performance skill, stage use, concept, and soundtrack.

This is the fifth year running that we have competed in this national dance competition, which has seen us consistently reach the regional finals. The heats took place at the O2 Guildhall in Southampton on 15 February, where students from eight schools were given five to eight minutes to perform. They were judged on their drama, design, performance and production skills.

This year our theme focused on an historical event, the Tiananmen Square protest that took place in China in 1989, which sadly turned into a violent massacre where government troops killed hundreds of unarmed pro-democracy protesters. Our dance, entitled ‘Forbidden Hope’, was dedicated in memory of the fallen. The judges praised us for presenting a ‘very powerful piece with a great depth of feeling’.

Learning Area Manager for Performing Arts, Lisa Fernandez-Adams, says, “We are once again incredibly proud of our students. They worked extremely hard and really showcased their talents at their best. This was a truly inclusive experience that brought students together from different subject areas, to work as a team. It also demonstrated great creativity, a quality that is abundant across the College.”

Our UK Rock Challenge team will now be entered into the southern regional finals, which will take place at the Portsmouth Guildhall in April. Twelve schools and colleges will compete for top place.