Crime Awareness Week

30th March 2017

Crime Awareness Week is a new initiative, set up by the college, which featured a varied and interesting series of events each day aimed at educating our students on a wide range of topics. These ranged from sexting, anti-social behaviour, drugs and the law, and healthy relationships, to radicalisation and Prevent.

Take a peek at our programme of events…

Monday: the week kicked off with a visit from our local neighbourhood Police who ran a session on antisocial behaviour and the consequences. They talked about fighting, theft, knife and street crime, drinking, drugs and help available to deal with these issues.

Tuesday: No Limits, the Drugs & Alcohol Health and Support Service, together with the Red Cross, delivered sessions on drug classification, potential outcomes of drug abuse, drug sentences and what to do if you, or friend need help.

Wednesday: Yellow Door provided a session on healthy relationships where they talked about friendships, relationships, consent, violence and abuse.

Thursday: Yellow Door and Barnardos delivered interactive sessions on sexting and internet safety. This covered trolling, smart social media use, and help available.

Friday: to conclude the week, the Red Cross hosted an interactive session aimed at dispelling some of the myths around immigration, prejudice and stereotypes.

Each session was highly interactive and involved fun quizzes and sharing of real life stories by video.

We are very grateful to these organisations for kindly donating their time to educating our students on these important topics.