Transfer from Another College

At Richard Taunton we receive a number of applications from students who are already enrolled at other colleges.

If you are considering moving college before completing your programme of study, there are various things we recommend you think about:

  1. Firstly, we advise you to consult your current tutor and teachers about the implications of moving. It’s very important that you continue to attend all your lessons while you look into your options, and that you work to achieve the best grades you can in the time you remain at your current school / college.
  2. The linear A levels introduced from 2015 make it more difficult to transfer from the first year of A Levels to the second year in a different college and in some cases a transfer may not be possible. Please contact us for more detailed information about this and check whether you are affected.

If you are still considering a move, we will be very happy to receive your application, which can be done online via the Apply page of the web site. We will request a reference from your current college and arrange an interview for you with one of our members of staff.

At the interview, we will ask your reasons for transferring and review the options available to you. We will need to know the exam boards you have been studying as well as module and syllabus details.

Once your interview is complete, we’ll let you know whether we can offer you a place. Offers are conditional depending on your end of year results and your school / college reference.