Adult Education FAQs

These FAQs are specific to adult learners who wish to study for their maths/English GCSE or the Access to Higher Education Diploma.

If your question is not included here please contact our friendly admissions team by calling 02380 514776 or by sending an email to

If you have queries about sixth form education, please click here.

Application process

How can I apply? There is a printed application form specific to adult education courses, which can be found within the adult education brochure.  Alternatively, you can click here to download a copy. Please complete this and return it to our admissions team. Adult learners can also apply online.
When can I apply? You can apply anytime after January for September entry. However, we advise you to get your application in sooner rather than later as the courses fill quickly.
What will happen after I submit my application? You will receive a letter within two to four weeks of your application, inviting you to a pre-enrolment interview.
Can I apply after the academic year has started? We do not normally accept late enrolments onto these courses.

Entry requirements

What are the entry requirements? If you are applying for an Access to  HE Diploma you will need a minimum of grade 4/C in GCSE maths and English. If you are applying for GCSE maths or English, then you need to complete a short assessment to ensure that you have the basic skills required to complete the course.

Interview process

What can I expect from the pre-enrolment interview? After you have submitted your application you will be invited to a pre-enrolment interview. This will be a 1:1 meeting with a member of our admissions team where we will discuss your career goals, your course selection and any additional learning support requirements that you may have. This will take approximately
30 minutes and is preceded by a 20 minute English and/or maths assessment, if you have applied for a GCSE course.
What can I expect from the enrolment interview? If you receive a conditional offer letter you will be invited to an enrolment interview. You will undertake a series of activities, prior to your 1:1 30 minute interview. These activities include: a review of your course entry requirement paperwork, a data check, fee payment, loan paperwork, parking passes and ID badge set up. The whole process will take a minimum of one hour.


Will I have to pay tuition fees? You are only required to pay fees for studying an Access to HE Diploma. You are exempt from paying these fees if you are aged 19-23 and have not yet achieved a full level 3 qualification.
How much are the fees? The Access to HE Diploma costs £3,000.

Although you will not be charged fees for studying GCSE English and maths, you will be charged a £50 exam deposit fee, which will be returned upon completion of the exams.

Can I get a student loan to cover my fees? All students over the age of 19 are eligible to apply for an Advanced Learner Loan to fund their course(s).

If you take up this loan and then go on to complete a higher education course, you will be eligible to have the balance of the loan written off. However, if you don’t complete either course you will need to repay your loan in full.


When do the courses begin? All courses begin in September.
When do the courses run ? Currently the Access to HE Diploma course runs on Tuesday evenings (17:00 – 20:00) and Wednesday daytime (08:30-17:30) during term time only. GCSE maths and English run over one evening (either Monday or Tuesday) from 18.00-20.30 during term time only.
Why can you not guarantee me a place on the course I’m applying for immediately? We have a limited amount of funding to cover adult study and for this reason we cannot guarantee a place to everyone who applies until we know how many applications by adults will be made.
Are there childcare facilities on-site? We do not have facilities on-site but you may be eligible for childcare vouchers. Please contact our Student Services department for more information.