This two year course will teach you about the various processes in the criminal justice system from why offenders commit crime, how we investigate crime and effectiveness of punishment. You will also learn how to use theory to understand how changes can be made in criminal law and social policy.

Level: Vocational (level 3)
Type: Single award

Course Details

Begin with the end in mind


Police force, forensic services, social worker, lawyer and criminologist.


Law, sociology, applied science, criminology, history, politics and public services.

Topics you'll cover


Changing awareness of crime:

  • Impact of media on crime
  • Methods of collecting information about crime
  • Develop a crime change awareness campaign.
  • Criminological theories:
  • Criminal and deviant behaviour
  • Psychological and sociological theories of crime
  • Social policy.


  • Crime scene investigation techniques and rules of evidence
  • Examination of verdicts in criminal cases and court processes
  • Social control and law-making processes
  • Models of justice and aims of punishment.

Assessment and Qualification

  • Two external exams
  • Two 8 hour controlled assessments
  • Exam board: WJEC/EDUQAS
  • WJEC Diploma (level three)
  • Equivalent to one A Level.

Course entry requirements

  • At least five GCSEs at grade 4 (including English)
  • Good school reference including attendance and behaviour
  • Making a good impression at the college pre-enrolment interview.

What students say about the course

"Criminology is a very interesting subject and ideal if you want a career in the criminal justice system. The Behind Bars conference that was held at college helped me to apply the different theories of crime we learn in class and gave me the opportunity to ask real life criminals about their experiences; what motivated them to commit a crime and what they thought about the criminal justice system. The teachers have a true passion for subject, which I believe is a very important part of learning."

Raj Bhatti, previously at Upper Shirley High School

Additional information


As part of this course you will also get to go on a number of trips and take part in events such as the Behind Bars Conference, Forensic House crime scene taster day at Portsmouth University a day at the law courts.


During your studies you will have access to extra materials and activities as part of your course. These extra items (such as equipment, study guides and workbooks etc.) are built into the normal day-to-day running of our courses and so we ask students to make an annual payment towards these additional costs.

 A copy of our course payment breakdown can be course payment breakdown.