A Level (Level 3)

English Literature

By exploring an eclectic range of texts and themes and analysing poetry, drama, and novels from a variety of different time periods you will broaden your views and ideas and challenge your understanding of the world.

Along the way you will develop skills in literary analysis and evaluation which will help you to engage critically and creatively with language.


  • Tragedy and critical theory: Hamlet or Othello
  • Doctor Faustus and tragedy
  • Science and society: Frankenstein and Never Let Me Go
  • Poetry including modern poets and Philip Larkin
  • Opportunity to focus on themes/ideas you are passionate about.

Career Options

Journalism, teaching, academic research, copywriting, editing, law, human resources, public relations, politics, publishing, TV and film industry, communications, academia.

University Options

English, Linguistics, Journalism, History, Politics, Communication Studies, Management Film Studies, Law, Sociology, Psychology, Creative Writing.