This two year linear course involves the study of human society, culture and relationships. Sociology encourages you to question what happens in society and search for explanations of what influences our behaviour and why. Studying sociology allows you to examine current affairs, how society works and the people within it.

Level: A Level (level 3)

Course Details

Begin with the end in mind

Social administrator, social worker, nurse, teacher, marketing professional and the police.

Sociology, psychology, criminology, nursing, law, social work, public relations, politics and economics.

Topics you'll cover


  • Socialisation, culture and identity
  • Media
  • Understanding social inequalities: social class and gender. 
  • Sociology research methods


  • Researching and understanding social inequalities: ethnicity and age
  • Globalisation and the digital social world
  • Education.

Assessment and Qualification

  • Three written exams
  • Exam board: OCR
  • A Level (level three).

Course entry requirements

  • At least five GCSEs at grade 4 (including English)
  • Good school reference including attendance and behaviour
  • Making a good impression at the college pre-enrolment interview.

What students say about the course

"In lessons we examine different aspects society, which gives us a deeper understanding of the social world we live in. It also makes you begin to question things that happen every day and apply sociological explanations to these, such as whether social class divisions are beneficial to society or are just unfair."

John Paul Lizarondo, previously at Oasis Academy Lord's Hill

Additional information

You will be required to pay a course fee of £15 for materials and resources used in the course. This includes costs for printed worksheets and workbooks, past papers, exercise books and trips to universities, and our annual ‘Behind Bars’ conference. If there are any issues with being able to pay these costs, please contact Richard Taunton Sixth Form College. A copy of the course payment breakdown can also be found here: course payment breakdown.