This course is offered as an AS qualification (one year of study) or an A Level qualification (two year linear course). It is suitable for students with a good level of Polish, as most of our learners are already fluent speakers. You will study both technical aspects of the language including grammar and vocabulary, as well as Polish culture including literature and history.

Level: A Level (level 3)

Course Details

Begin with the end in mind

Interpreter, translator and teacher.

Polish studies.

Topics you'll cover


  • Polish society and culture
  • Contemporary society
  • Environment and citizenship
  • Working world and international context.


  • Poland and Poles during WW2
  • Film: Ashes and Diamonds
  • Film: Man of Marble
  • Two poems from the literary section.

Assessment and Qualification

  • Three exams (listening, oral, reading and writing)
  • Exam board: AQA
  • AS Level (level three)
  • A Level (level three).

Course entry requirements

  • English GCSE and a language GCSE at grade 6 plus three additional GCSEs at grade 4 and above
  • To speak and write Polish fluently
  • A high grade in GCSE Polish is helpful, but not essential
  • Good school reference including attendance and behaviour
  • Making a good impression at the college pre-enrolment interview.

Additional information

During your studies you will have access to extra materials and activities as part of your course. These extra items (such as equipment, study guides and workbooks etc.) are built into the normal day-to-day running of our courses and so we ask students to make an annual payment towards these additional costs. If there are any issues with being able to pay these costs, please contact Richard Taunton Sixth Form College.

 A copy of our course payment breakdown can be course payment breakdown.