Maths (core)


This one year course will help you to understand and apply clear, mathematical reasoning to real-life problems and analyse and interpret data in various contexts. In addition, it will give you a good grasp of the impact of interest rates on loans and investments and help you to confidently deal with everyday financial mathematics. This is not a full A Level qualification, it is classed as A Level standard.

Level: A Level (level 3)

Course Details

Begin with the end in mind

Statistician, analyst, and accountant.

Biology, chemistry, and business.

Topics you'll cover

  • Analysis of data
  • Maths for personal finance
  • Estimation
  • Critical analysis of given data and models including spreadsheets and tabular data.


  • Statistical techniques (normal distribution, probabilities and estimation, correlation and regression)
  • Critical path and risk analysis (expectation and cost benefit analysis)
  • Graphical techniques (graphical methods, rates of change and exponential functions).

Assessment and Qualification

  • Exam (with calculator)
  • Exam board: AQA
  • Certificate (level three)
  • This is not a full A Level qualification, it is classed as A Level standard.

Course entry requirements

  • At least five GCSEs at grade 4 and above (including English and maths)
  • Good school reference including attendance and behaviour

  • Making a good impression at the college pre-enrolment interview.

What students say about the course

"Core maths is a fun and interesting course and really showed me another side to maths. It isn't just about solving mathematical equations, it’s about looking at real-life situations and linking maths into it. I have definitely enriched my analytical thinking!" 

Emma Takacova, previously at school overseas

Additional information

During your studies you will have access to extra materials and activities as part of your course. These extra items (such as equipment, study guides and workbooks etc.) are built into the normal day-to-day running of our courses and so we ask students to make an annual payment towards these additional costs. If there are any issues with being able to pay these costs, please contact Richard Taunton Sixth Form College.

 A copy of our course payment breakdown can be course payment breakdown.