This two-year course focuses on the properties and interactions of the substances that form the building blocks of matter. Everything around you involves chemistry in some form or another. Chemistry is at the forefront of innovation in so many fields, not least medicine, engineering, and the environment.

Level: A Level (level 3)

Course Details

Begin with the end in mind

Chemist, biochemist, chemical engineer, doctor, nurse, dentist, pharmacist, vet, geologist, food scientist, forensic scientist and environmental scientist.

Chemistry, biology, biochemistry, medicine, dentistry, pharmacology, veterinary science, food science, forensic science, geology, and environmental science.

Topics you'll cover


  • Practical skill development
  • Foundations in chemistry
  • Periodic table and energy
  • Introduction to organic chemistry.


  • Physical chemistry and transition elements
  • Further organic chemistry and analysis.

Assessment and Qualification

  • Three written exams:
    • Periodic table, elements and physical chemistry
    • Synthesis and analytical techniques
    • Unified chemistry
  • Exam board: OCR
  • A Level (level three).

Course entry requirements

  • Maths and science GCSEs (double award or chemistry) at six or above, English at five or above and a minimum of two other GCSEs at four or above.

What students say about the course

"Chemistry is really enjoyable and has its fair share of brain strengthening topics, from organic to physical chemistry. The teaching is of high quality and is very concise, with many chances to extend the task or ask for clarification. There are opportunities to experience degree level experiments on trips to the University of Southampton. Chemistry is a broad, fascinating subject that can lead onto a wide range of careers, not only in scientific and technical areas but anything that involves skills in problem-solving and analysis."

Matthew McDermott, previously at St Georges Catholic College

Additional information


  • Twilight Chemistry session at Southampton University.


There is a nominal charge of £25 per year to cover the cost of materials, equipment, and a revision guide.

If there are any issues with being able to pay these costs, please contact Richard Taunton Sixth Form College. A copy of the course payment breakdown can also be found here: course payment breakdown.