Business Studies


This two-year course provides an introduction to business concepts such as marketing, finance, operations and human resources and explores how these contribute to achieving business objectives. You’ll also apply these to real-life scenarios in the business world.

Level: A Level (level 3)

Course Details

Begin with the end in mind

Insurance professional, marketing and sales manager, distribution manager, accountant, business consultant, public sector worker, and teacher.

Business, management, human resources, accountancy, law, finance, politics, and economics.

Topics you'll cover


  • Enterprise and business functions
  • Business types and sectors
  • Stakeholders and external influences
  • Accounting, supply, and demand
  • Human resource management
  • Marketing
  • Operation management.


  • Business strategies and decision making
  • International trade
  • Communication
  • Quality standards
  • Contingency and crisis management.

Assessment and Qualification

  • Three exams
  • Exam board: OCR
  • A Level qualification (level three).

Course entry requirements

  • At least five GCSEs at four or above, including English and maths at five or above.

What students say about the course

"The course encourages open discussion on current events and the impact these will have on real life decisions and our futures. We learn how major businesses operate and how they recruit and keep their staff motivated. Business has really helped me expand my view on everything that happens in the world from the news to how and why different products are marketed."

Steven Berry, previously at Redbridge Community School

Additional information


  • An annual trip to New York, which includes business workshops.
  • Day trips to businesses such as Thorpe Park.


You will be expected to pay a £10 course fee each year to cover the cost of materials and equipment. If there is any issues with the being able to pay the fee, please contact Richard Taunton Sixth Form College.

If there are any issues with being able to pay these costs, please contact Richard Taunton Sixth Form College. A copy of the course payment breakdown can also be found here: course payment breakdown.