Science Students Develop Their Chemistry at Networking Breakfast

Chemistry students were given a chance to network with their older peers at a Women and Girls In Science breakfast at College.

Science teacher Rachel Powell wants to encourage GCSE chemistry students to progress into A Levels so came up with the idea of the breakfast, which was sponsored by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Mrs Powell said: “I teach GCSE science and there are students who want to go on and do A Level chemistry. As I also teach it at A Level I thought it would be really nice to invite the girls in those classes to breakfast and give them an opportunity to speak with each other and network.

“It was nice for the girls to talk to the students who came through GCSE to hear how they overcame challenges and what it’s like study at A Level.”

Thanks to the RSC’s sponsorship all of the students attending were given £5 breakfast vouchers to spend in the college canteen. “It was nice to see them chatting and sharing ideas together,” said Mrs Powell.

“Now they will know each other and recognise them in the corridor so they can stop and ask them about things they may be having difficulty with in their studies.”

A Level student Charlie Clarke said: “It was a really good event and it was nice to chat with other students who are doing chemistry.”

Mrs Powell added: “I’m so pleased everyone found it useful. It’s important to start a dialogue between year groups and allow the students to learn from each other’s experiences, as well as making them feel a little bit special and developing their identity as a chemistry student.”