Tips for Starting Sixth Form College

We asked our Class of 2021 and Class of 2022 to give our new students some advice for starting in September. Here’s what they had to say:



‘Be confident, bold and straight forward. Don’t be shy and think you are stupid if you ask a question because it’s better to learn by asking questions. Every student works at a different level and pace so you don’t have to worry about being criticized.’ – Chitsanupong Thongthee, formerly of Hounsdown School.

‘Ask for help when you need it and always follow up with a teacher if you don’t understand something. Putting in the effort during your first year will ensure success in the second year.’ – Chesca Merrick, formerly of Cantell School.

‘If you’re struggling at all, don’t be afraid to talk to your teacher about it. They will support you in whatever way they can.’  – Ari Shipsides, formerly of Toynbee School.

‘The most vital weapon against an assignment is certainty, never guess at something you don’t know, always be brave enough to ask your teacher.’ – David Brown, formerly of Regents Park Community College.



‘If I were able to tell myself to worry less about starting college then I definitely would! Of course it will be hard work but you will succeed if you put your mind to it and everyone is feeling the same so you will easily make friends.’ – Madi Bennett, formerly of Regents Park Community College.

‘The transition from secondary to college can be scary but don’t be afraid as everyone around you will be having similar feelings too. You will make friends really easily and adjust into the college lifestyle with ease. Anything is possible if you put your heart at it and your future will always be bright.’ – Amirah Khan, formerly of St Anne’s Catholic School.



‘Making friends is vital as it allows you to get help from your classmates when you need it and also allows you to enjoy your time more.’ – Stan Emery, formerly of Upper Shirley High School.

‘Make good friends and surround yourself with positive influences so that you will all collectively propel each other toward your goals.’ – Flynn Martienssen.

‘Have fun with the new people you meet and push yourself to be the best so that you can push others around you to be the best as well. Try to come out of your shell and make amazing friends, as well as memories.’ – Manisha Roopra, formerly of St Anne’s Catholic School.



‘Get your work in on time, and just enjoy your time at college, it flies by.’ – Michael Crabb, formerly of Upper Shirley High School.

‘Don’t be discouraged by the workload, stick to deadlines and work hard, it will pay off! College is the best time of your life.’ – Hollie Dadson, formerly of St Anne’s Catholic School.

‘Be organised with your work from the beginning and with your time management. Don’t let things pile up and keep smiling.’ – Maryan Osman, formerly of Cantell School.



‘Give it a go! Try out loads of different extra curricular activities and find what is right for you. In terms of studies, pick something you love as there is a whole lot of work involved at college but if you enjoy the subject, it will be a lot easier to stay motivated and committed. Even if you have never studied a subject before, if you think you will like it then go for it. Don’t just stick to the traditional route out of fear.’  – Rochelle Smicle-Thompson, formerly of Wildern School.

‘Just be yourself, everyone else is already taken. Try something outside of your comfort zone. I had never stepped foot onto a basketball court before, nor had I ever scored a 3 pointer – now I train every morning for basketball.’ – Angelique Fossa.

‘Be confident and talk to everyone because everyone Is grown up and nice at college.’ – Jodie Crouch, formerly of Noadswood School.