Richard Taunton Ready for Full September Opening

We are delighted to announce that we are ready to provide all of our students with full time, face-to-face learning hours from September.

Our decision follows updated guidance for Sixth Form Colleges, released by the Department of Education in July. We want to ensure our students get the most out of their education, which is why we will be delivering full teaching hours on our campus.

Safety Measures

The college have implemented a number of measures on site to help ensure the safety of students and staff, including: a one-way system; enhanced cleaning schedules and a new timetable.

Paul Swindale, Acting Head of College from September, said:

“Over the last few months, our successful online teaching provision has exemplified that the college is ready for any eventuality. We have developed a robust plan which lines up with the government’s COVID-19 alert levels, and can be adapted to suit any change in circumstances. Our smaller size, the unique layout of our campus, and our new timetable makes it easier for us to maintain the current social distancing rules.”

Our newly-developed timetable means that just over half of our student body will be on campus during any one day. This allows us to safely deliver bespoke pastoral support and provide crucial face-to-face teaching.

Heading back to the classroom

On the transition back to the classroom, Paul Swindale said:

“Over the next few months we will focus on nurturing students back into full time education, which will help give them the confidence to succeed and progress with their plans for the future.

Our students definitely have an appetite for returning to the classroom, and their engagement with digital and online learning proves that. We have also seen a fantastic uptake on our transition activities for year 11 students, so their love of learning is still intact, despite the cancellation of exams.

We recognise the prolonged period of remote learning may have impacted our students’ confidence and mental health. Our Student Care Guarantee highlights our commitment to ensuring every student receives the right support, in all aspects of their studies, to help them fulfil their potential.

We cannot wait to welcome our new and continuing students back to Richard Taunton.”