Young Musicians Showcase Their Talent at Richard Taunton

25 Years of Music for Youth at Richard Taunton

This week, for the 25th year running, we hosted the Music for Youth regional festival. The college welcomed musicians from across the region to perform a whole variety of musical repertoire. As one of the longest standing calendar events of the year for our School of Music, it provides a great platform for young musicians from Southampton and the surrounding areas to showcase their skills and improve upon their craft at the same time.

19 different music acts from 14 different schools, colleges and music hubs across the region got the chance to perform in front of a large audience, meet other young musicians and gain valuable feedback from professional music mentors. Talented groups from the college; the Richard Taunton choir, musical production choir, a cappella singers, jazz band, and RTSFC Band Safyre Soul, all performed a selection of their current repertoire.

Praise from Students and Staff

Will Ladbury – the drummer of Safyre Soul, a RTSFC pop band who regularly gig locally, said;

“It was so exciting to be part of the largest music festival in the World and to get positive feedback from professionals.  I also really enjoyed experiencing different styles of music – the folk group and the concert band were really great and different to anything that I have ever been involved with.”

RTSFC Band Safyre Soul RTSFC Production Choir perform a selection of songs from this year's production of Chicago RTSFC Jazz band perform at the Music For Youth Regional Festival RTSFC Choir perform together at the Music For Youth Regionals

Head of Music, Miriam Kenny-Williams says;

“It’s been fantastic to host the Music for Youth festival here at the college for the 25th year in a row. It’s such a great way for young musicians to be exposed to various different genres of music, and to perform for each other in an inclusive and supportive space. The feedback that groups receive from the professional music mentors is invaluable and gives students something to strive towards and improve their skills.

We always enjoy hosting the different schools and watching the range of diverse performances. A particular highlight this year was ‘Rubik’s Cube’, the pop/rock choir from Osborne School – a special school for pupils with learning disabilities. Watching them making and enjoying music was uplifting for all of us. And the rousing PGS brass group played with such panache and style.  We can’t wait for the next one!”

Music for Youth founded the world’s largest youth music festival, which involves more than 40,000 young musicians. To find out more about Music for Youth visit