Richard Taunton Trampolinists Train Alongside Philippine’s National Team

Our students got the chance to train alongside the Philippine’s National Trampoline Team over the past two weeks when the team visited the college for coaching from international trampoline coach Howard Tear.

Howard, who has been coaching at the college for over 30 years, is an International Performance Coach for the sport and has been working with the Philippine’s team for over five years after getting a call asking him to get involved in the coaching of the national team.

Howard said:

“The Philippines have always been talented at gymnastics and had  recently decided to branch out into trampolining. Their government reached out to the UK for support with coaching a team up to competition and Olympic level and I was asked whether I could get involved. It just so happens that my wife is Filipino too, so it just made sense really! I’ve been training with the up and coming team for the past few years, going out to visit them and helping their gymnastics coaches come to terms with the world of trampolining. To have our team here at the college train with them has been a fantastic opportunity”

The team were invited to the college to train with our very own trampoline team who have recently been working on their form for an upcoming competition. During their time in the UK the team spent most of their time training and were able to compete in a competition in Birmingham as guest competitors, but they also managed to fit in a bit of sightseeing as well with a customary trip to London!

Head of College, Liz Lee, commented:

“It was a pleasure to have the Philippine trampoline team accept our invitation to visit the college during their trip to the UK and we’re so thankful that they took the time to train with our students. We’re lucky to have an internationally renowned coach leading our Trampoline Academy and to be able to offer such great opportunities to students join the Academy. We hope the team enjoyed their time at the college, and look forward to continuing our relationship with them going forward”

Richard Taunton Trampolinists with the Philippine’s National Team in the RTSFC sports hall
Richard Taunton Trampolinists with the Philippine’s National Team