Exam procedures

Before examinations take place

The method of making examination entries varies from one qualification to another. Students should keep in close touch with their tutors and subject teachers who will advise them of the appropriate times and methods for making entries.

Any student is entitled in January of each year to resit a unit taken the previous year, if the unit is available in that session. Resit forms are issued via teachers/tutors and can also be collected from the Examinations Office (Room 203). The deadline is early October.

During March, when the results of January units examinations are published, students have to make instant decisions in order to meet entry deadlines for any units they wish to resit in the summer.

The college pays the entry fees for the first attempt by 16-18 year old students at each of their examinations. Students are responsible for the entry fees for all subsequent resit entries, and for the entry fees in any subject where the student is defaulting on attendance or coursework deadlines. Adult students pay fees. For more information contact the Examinations Office.

Various examinations are held in November, January, March, May and June. Dates for exams are posted on the Exams Notice Board outside the main hall, directly opposite Reprographics.

Special arrangements can be made for students with special needs, provided that adequate written evidence is provided before the first examination entries are made. Enquiries about such arrangements should be directed to Student Services.

Dates and times of exams

You will receive a statement of entry confirming dates and times via your tutor together with a duplicate for signature and return to the Examinations Office. The exact location of each exam will be posted on the Exams Notice Board outside the Main Hall, opposite Reprographics.

During an examination season

You will need to bring your college ID card or some other form of identification to each exam.

Special consideration
Awarding bodies are unable to give special consideration to students who are unwell during their preparation for an examination or whilst completing coursework. However, they will give special consideration to candidates who are unwell at the time of the examination. A doctor's note must be delivered to the Examinations Office within three days of the last paper in the affected subject; this note must be very explicit about the nature of the illness and the effect of the illness or its medication on the student during the examination.

Emergency arrangements for examinations can be made in response to certain crises. Telephone the Examinations Office for advice if an accident, sudden illness or other crisis occurs.

Examinations must take place at the scheduled time. Students who arrive late for an examination may be admitted during the first half hour, but can only be allowed the full time for the examination if both the examination room and invigilation cover are available for the extended time.

Students who misread their timetables and arrive in the afternoon for a morning examination cannot be allowed to sit the paper; they will score zero marks for that component.

After the examinations

When January module results arrive in March they are distributed to students via a collection point. Students have about five days in which to make quick decisions and payments for retake entries, if they choose to attempt to improve their scores. Absence from college at this critical time would trigger late entry fees if the strict deadline were missed.

Summer results

When the summer results arrive in August, the official results slips are collated for collection on the morning of publication – check diary dates on our Home Page for specific dates and times. Students must show ID when collecting results. Results not collected at these times will be posted by first class post.

Results for all other qualifications are either distributed via class teachers if the class is still running or posted to the student's home address. It is important, therefore, that any change of address is notified, in writing, to the Student Records Officer.

Do I get access to my exam scripts?

For all A and AS subjects, and for GCSE Mathematics and English, it is possible to pay and apply for a photocopy of an examination script, together with a copy of the mark scheme. This is liable to change from year to year. Details of any post-exam enquiries can be found in the result envelope.

Can I ask for a re-mark?

Analysis of the photocopy might lead to the decision to pay and apply for a re-mark of the script. (Re-marks are no longer available with a written report.)

Beware! The awarding bodies warn that a re-mark could cause a module score to go down if it were found that the original marking was too generous. This has happened!

Higher Education applicants who feel that the awarded result does not match their performance should bypass the photocopy stage and apply for an immediate re-mark, in view of the need for a quick decision.


Email the Examinations Office immediately after results are published, with full information on the name of student and the specific modules with unsatisfactory results to obtain advice on the costs and procedures for taking the matter further.

Exam certificates

Certificates awarded in the autumn following summer examinations are held in college until the Celebration Evening in late December. Those not collected at that time can be collected from the Examinations Office during January and the rest are posted in February to all students who have left college to the last known address on the computer system.

Certificates awarded mid-year are posted to Adult Education students whose courses have terminated.

It is important that you keep the Student Records Officer informed of any change of address before you have received all your certificates.