Sixth Form Academy for Gifted and Talented Students

Our Sixth Form Academy is the choice for students with high GCSE grades, developed to meet the needs of high-achieving students. The Academy fosters confidence, ambition and academic rigour and is aimed at those who aspire to study at the most selective universities, including Oxford and Cambridge.

Students in the Academy develop excellent study habits and widen their understanding of political, international and cultural issues. If you are offered a place in the Academy, you will be expected to maintain a challenging programme combining academic discipline with extending your interests in a chosen field.

Entry Requirements

To join the Academy you will need at least six GCSE’s at Grade B or above (including English and Maths) plus an average GCSE score of 6 and above.

Academy places are assigned after completing our interview process. Places in the Academy are limited, so please submit your application by 14th December, 2015 to be considered.

Seminar Groups

We provide weekly seminar groups for students designed with their interests in mind. Each seminar leader has expertise in the field that students wish to pursue, and students are encouraged to participate in enrichment opportunities related to their career aspirations.

The seminar groups mirror our academic departments and offer expertise in:

  • Art and Design
  • Business and Economics
  • English, Languages and Film
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Maths and Science (including Medicine)
  • Music and Performing Arts
  • Sport

Seminar programmes are governed by the needs of the students, with an emphasis on university applications – gaining relevant work experience, writing personal statements identifying challenging university courses.

Competitive Admissions

Students who intend to apply for the most competitive university courses receive dedicated support with their applications. Students take part in practice interviews and entrance exams to prepare them for the admissions process.

Students applying to Oxford or Cambridge receive 1 to 1 support from Oxbridge alumni, with expertise in a relevant subject area. This year has seen our Oxbridge applicants gain places at a number of excellent summer schools, including residentials at the University of Oxford Trinity College Law.