Our Results Success

We are delighted that the high standards achieved in 2015 have been maintained for another year.

Gifted and talented students in our highly successful Sixth Form Academy have once again achieved a 100% pass rate, with 86% of students achieving high grades of A*-C.

Overall, students achieved an A Level pass rate of 98%, with 70% of A Level subjects achieving a 100% pass rate. Almost two-thirds of students gained A*-C grades, supporting progression to highly selective universities and industrial training programmes.

Achievement on vocational programmes is also exceptional, with a 100% pass rate on all our Extended Diplomas (equivalent to 3 A Levels).

Principal Alice Wrighton said:

I am always delighted to see so many of our young people progressing confidently onto university and into the workplace. The high quality of our teaching and learning continues to be one of our greatest strengths, as demonstrated by these excellent results.

Our Ofsted Success

In October 2013, Ofsted carried out a full inspection of Richard Taunton Sixth Form College, looking at all aspects of the student experience and our results. They confirmed that in all aspects, RTSFC is a GOOD college.

What stood out in their report was how well students achieve and develop during their time with us:

Success rates for students on A Level and advanced level vocational courses are high.

These results are a product of the outstanding support we give to students:

Teachers, manages and governors monitor students’ progress closely.

Students work independently and enjoy the atmosphere of mutual respect and high aspirations, as illustrated by Ofsted’s comment:

Students’ behaviour is exemplary and students treat each other, and staff, with a high degree of respect.

Our teachers are brilliant and work hard to provide stimulating lessons that engage our students:

Students enjoy the challenging activities that teachers provide and respond well to the detailed feedback that teachers give them.

It’s no surprise then, that as a result of all we do:

A high proportion of students on advanced level courses progress to higher education.

Principal Alice Wrighton says:

It’s great to have the high quality of our work fully endorsed by Ofsted – why would you go anywhere else?